Corporate video production helps Spirotech Group expand into international markets

Due to increased expansion into international markets, Peterborough-based Spirotech Group commissioned a company video to help explain the size of its operation and the full range of services for both existing and potential new clients worldwide. The six minute long corporate video production includes Director and staff interviews, and time-lapse and aerial video clips. To complete the video production CATALYST added an animated company logo sequence.

Aerial video footage

CATALYST were able to take advantage of their CAA trained and approved drone flying operations to safely video the engineering facility from the air so adding a further dimension to the video and revealing the full extent of the factory.

Multiple versions of company video

Catalyst produced two versions of the video – one with voice-overs and natural factory noise for use in meetings, presentations and promotion, and a second version with the voice-overs removed and titling and music added over the footage for use in Reception areas, exhibitions etc.

Repurposing video

In many instances once the initial video production is completed the video can easily be ‘repurposed’ for different social media platforms so ensuring maximum impact and economy.

Some examples of how you could repurpose your video:

  • Reformat for Instagram, TikTok etc
  • Make short social media edits.
  • Take screengrabs and reuse the images on various channels.
  • Take quotes from your video and put them on branded graphics.
  • Don’t just share it once – remember you can re-share it again and again over time, in different ways.

More and more businesses are realising the importance of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ content going into 2021.

Team sets up time-lapse cameras during video shoot

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