Demonstration video production for CamAlarms

Cambridgeshire-based CamAlarms is a leading provider of fire alarm & security systems for both the public and private sectors. CATALYST has recently completed a demonstration video for CamAlarms Ltd to promote its range of Access Control Temperature Monitoring camera systems.

Filming with social distancing

The demonstration video shoot at CamAlarms took just under half a day at the clients new offices, where the system had recently been installed as part of the new ‘social distancing’ measures that the company has instigated. The monitoring system has been set up as a demonstration for one of the types of thermal camera monitoring solutions that the company is offering during the coronavirus pandemic. At the MD’s request the staff stood in as models to demonstrate the system – whilst maintaining correct social distancing.

Quick turnaround of the demonstration video

Following the demonstration video production shoot, the footage for the video was then edited with text, graphics, stock photography and background music in Final Cut Pro X, working to a tight deadline so that the company could quickly promote their camera monitoring systems before shops and offices returned to business after lockdown in June 2020.

The final video file was then uploaded to the company website and across the various company social media platforms – the project from start to finish completed within 48 hours.

CamAlarms MD, Nick Lake commented:

Thanks again Paul for all your help with this, we are really pleased with the finished product, great overall team effort.


Alongside the video, Catalyst also were also asked to provide CamAlarms with a series of product photos in situ as the manufacturer’s supplied photographs were fairly basic. Once back in the studio, Catalyst was then provided with screen shots taken from the camera system which were overlaid and blended in Adobe Photoshop before being exported as high-res files suitable for use across all marketing and social media.

Shooting B-roll shots for CamAlarms’ demonstration video

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