Product video production for Baker Perkins

Cambridgeshire-based Baker Perkins design and manufacture food processing equipment for the bread, biscuit, confectionery, extruded foods and breakfast cereal sectors, for companies worldwide. CATALYST has recently completed a series of product videos for the company to promote its new 40 metre long biscuit and cracker cutting production line. The machinery was in its final testing stage before being disassembled and shipped off to a brand new facility in Taiwan. Catalyst Video Services has been commissioned to create several short videos demonstrating how the machine works and the simplicity of maintenance.

Indoor aerial video

The three day video shoot included a half-day indoor aerial video shoot using CATALYST’s DJI drone. The client required several indoor drone shots running along the length of the machinery – a tricky ask considering the metal factory blocks all GPS signals to the drone and therefore had to be flown ‘manually’.

A full risk assessment was undertaken and the immediate vicinity cordoned off to meet the stringent factory health and safety procedures.

Step by step product demonstration video

The rest of the product video production proved to be more straightforward. The machine was slowly dismantled and then reassembled according to the shooting list, each step being carefully filmed and logged to ensure that all aspects of the process were covered.

Shooting the machinery in action

The final day’s photography proved to be very hectic as over 50kg of dough was run through the machine and all aspects of the operation were videoed from various angles and viewpoints. At several stages additional lights were used to highlight parts of the internal process.

Footage edited for product demonstration films

The final part of the project was to edit the three days footage into short demonstration videos each with caption overlays, callouts and product and company branding. They were then uploaded to the Baker Perkins website for use by their clients around the globe.

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CATALYST filming from gantry at Baker Perkins manufacturing facility in Peterborough

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